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    Our Home, Our Country, Our Nation...Nigeria

    Nigeria is situated in the West African region and lies between longitudes 3 degrees and 14 degrees and latitudes 4 degrees and 140 degrees. It has a land mass of 923,768 sq.km.. It is bordered to the north by the Republics of Niger and Tchad....

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    A Nation With Great Diversity

    Nigeria is a massive country of almost 150 million people comprising 250 ethnic groups speaking 4000 dialects. The diversity of Nigeria is reflected in its rainbow of creeds and complexions, views and counterviews, stretching from the fringes of the desert in the North to the Atlantic waters in the South.

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    Heritage and Cultural Tourism

    Nigeria offers a wide variety of tourist attractions such as extended and roomy river and ocean beaches ideal for swimming and other water sports, unique wildlife, vast tracts of unspoiled nature ranging from tropical forest, magnificent waterfalls.

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    Democracy in Nigeria

    Nigeria the world's fourth largest democracy. One African in four is a Nigerian; with a population of 150 million or more, Nigeria is larger than any country in Europe. It is also the world's eighth largest producer of crude oil and has been the United States' second largest supplier.

Registration of Nigerians In the USA

The Consulate General of Nigeria, New York, has concluded plans to register/count its compatriots, their Associations, and Businesses, in the twenty, of the United States of America’s fifty, States that it has jurisdiction over. The Consulate would therefore appreciate it very much, if you could cooperate with it in this important endeavor that will surely move Nigeria and her nationals forward, by filling and returning to it, the attached questioner(s). The Consulate aims to achieve, among others, the following objectives from this exercise:-

  • Establish and effectively monitor the number and spread of Nigerians, to enable it to come to their aid, in the event of natural or man-made emergencies, as well as to ensure their minimum welfare;
  • Issue Nigerian (Citizenship) identification card, which could, in the near future, become “Nigeria Identity Card Abroad (NICA)”;
  • Unite Nigerians, Nigerian Associations, and Nigerian Businesses, to enhance their unity and cooperation, rather than competition, in their pursuit of the American dream;
  • Establish the number, size/strength and spread of Nigerian Associations and Businesses;
  • Support and channel contribution of Nigerian Associations and Businesses in the on-going developmental efforts in Nigeria; and
  • Build enough “critical mass” to convince the Nigerian Government to consider approving absentee voting, using New York as a pilot centre. It is your right to be served right, a conviction that can only be possible with your cooperation.

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About Nigeria

Nigeria is located on the west coast of Africa and is the most populous black country in the world, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Benin and Cameroon. Nigeria covers 356,668 sq miles (923,7770 sq kilometers). It is about the same size as California, Nevada and Utah combined. Nigeria is diverse in people and culture. Read more

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